Comedian Manager

A comedian manager is an essential tool for a beginning comedian to become acclimated to the business aspect of doing comedy for a living. Beginning comedians looking for a manager may want to discuss the matter with successful local comedians to see who their managers are.

One of the most important things a comedian manager will do for a beginning comedian is to book shows at venues outside of the comedian’s home town. Most comedians are familiar with the various clubs and venues in their home town and are able to book gigs without much problem. However, in terms of expanding regionally or nationally a comedian manager is essential, because his or her value lies partially in the network of booking agents he can contact. In addition to procuring paying jobs outside of the beginning comedian’s home town, the comedian manager deals with the logistics of the gigs, such as payment, travel, and other accommodations. Although some comedians prefer to handle such logistic arrangements on their own, a beginning comedian may find value in having a manager who is experienced in the ins and outs of the business handle this aspect of their career.

Finally, a comedian manager for a beginning comedian can serve as a useful sounding board for the overall direction and trajectory of a comedian’s career. In addition to dealing with the day to day details of a comedian’s professional dealings, a comedian manager can look at the “big picture” and make sure that the beginning comedian is well on the path to being a successful professional. Instead of just focusing on booking gigs at traditional comedy venues, a comedian manager can look for other types of jobs, such as writing/publishing, corporate appearances, television and film work, as well as other types of promotion that can further a comedian’s career.